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1 Feb

Trianon Rive Gauche gives you 5 reasons to visit Paris during winter time

Trianon Rive Gauche gives you 5 reasons to visit Paris during winter time

Even if January and Fabruary naturally remind cold in most European countries, the hotel Trianon Rive Gauche gives you 5 reasons to visit Paris during winter time.

Do not neglect these times anymore!

  1. Hotels and appartments

It is true that most people use to favor summer time to travel. Nevertheless, visiting Paris during winter time offers you a lot of possibilities to stay in confortable hotels and prestigious hotels. We can see a whole lot of broken prices reservations. Be the first to arrive and the first to be served! To visit Paris during winter time gives you more facility to have a great location over there. Moreover, in January and Fabruary, the hotel Trianon Rive Gauche can offer you sales going until -30% on the original price. Do not hesitate!

2. Museums

Even though it is true that French Museums can be visited in every time, it is still an activity that you practice within the walls. Take the time that you need. Study the pieces. Learn about the artist who realized them. Have a face to face with La Joconde by Leonard de Vinci. The “Musée du Louvre“, where you can find this gorgeous since a long time, is not far from our hotel. It is only at a few minutes by taking a direct bus.

3. Restaurants

Travel and taste are timeless. French cooking can testify about it. This is why we use to say that cooking warms hearts. Visiting Paris during winter time is for that the best way to go adventuring and discover a lot of tastes. The Trianon Rive Gauche is in the heart of a street full of restaurants. A lot of them are ready to satisfy your envy and demand. “Au père Louis” is just next door. We invite you to discover its specificities and enjoy!

4. Winter sales

In France, it’s a tradition. Twice a year, sales appears. At this time of the year, you are allowed to to buy your favorite items. Winer sales starts the 2nd wednesday of January. It lasts 6 weeks. All the shops around are ready to sell! Saint Germain des Près is pleased to invite you.

5. Immerse yourself

Even if it can be really pleasant to be a “Tourist in Paris”, coming around out of the common periode assure you a personnalized welcome. Indeed, it is great to see a whole lot of available people, ready to help us, to give us informations. Visiting Paris in winter time give more individuality. A custom welcoming that gives you a better control of the town you came for!